PC-7: Dual IPX balanced modular IEM Cable
PC-7: Dual IPX balanced modular IEM Cable
PC-7: Dual IPX balanced modular IEM Cable

PC-7: Dual IPX balanced modular IEM Cable

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This is our PC-7 IEM cable which includes dual IPX connectors for IEMs from 64 audio and more. This is a balanced capable modular cable, built in our "Standard" assembly style and terminated to a female 4-pin mini-XLR, compatible with our entire Interconnect Line. If you'd like to get a non-modular version of this cable head to our Custom Shop!

Unlike our NK Series IEM cables, ear hooks are not available on these "standard" PC Line cables. However, this cable is still flexible enough to be used in an "over-ear" application.

This cable is just over 4 ft long, and has a 14 inch split length. Use the dropdown menu above to select which interconnect or kits you’d like to pair your cable with. They breakdown as follows:

Option Description
Cable Only Just the headphone cable. No interconnect included.
MK-P Portable Multi-kit. This includes a snap-on 1/4" adapter with IC-2, IC-3, IC-4 and IC-6 interconnects.
MK-P-90 90° Portable Multi-kit. This version of the kit includes IC-2-90, IC-3, IC-4-90 and IC-6-90 interconnects.
3 inch IC-1 1/4" TRS interconnect. Unbalanced.
3 inch IC-2 3.5mm TRS interconnect. Unbalanced.
3 inch IC-3 [M] 4-pin XLR interconnect. Balanced.
3 inch IC-4 2.5mm TRRS interconnect. Balanced.
3 inch IC-6 4.4mm TRRRS interconnect. Balanced.
IC-2-90 3 inch IC-2-90 3.5mm TRS interconnect. Unbalanced.
IC-4-90 3 inch IC-4-90 2.5mm TRRS interconnect. Balanced.
IC-6-90 3 inch IC-6-90 4.4mm TRRRS interconnect. Balanced.

As always if you’d like a different color, length or a specific termination, visit our Custom Shop.