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Custom Shop

 Thank you for visiting our custom shop! We are only able to accept a limited number of requests per day. We release custom order "tickets" each week day, available on a first come, first serve basis. In order to place a custom order, you must add the custom quote item to your cart and checkout. You won't be charged for the quote "ticket", this is simply to hold your place in line. After you do this, someone will be in touch via email within 24 hours to help you get your order in!

Here is the link to the custom quote product page. Simply fill out the text box with the details of what you would like to order, add to cart, and then checkout! If the product is "sold out", then that means we have not released them yet today, or they have already sold out for the day. The schedule will vary a bit, but in general, we release the quotes:

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays: 9:00am Eastern

Tuesdays, Thursdays: 12:00pm (noon) Eastern

Here are a few tips for using the custom ordering system:

  • Read the full instructions here and on the custom quote product page before requesting your quote. It may be helpful to type out what you plan to request ahead of time so that you can copy and paste into the text box once the tickets become available
  • If you have questions before you are ready to place an order, feel free to send an email to so that we can get your questions answered in a timely manner
  • Check out all the info below for a general guide of pricing and to see what kind of customizations are available 
  • If it seems the quotes are always sold out when you check, be patient! We are hoping to provide a quote to everyone who is interested. Reference the schedule above for general times to check the site

Custom Colors: 

Here are PDFs with the colors available for customization. All colors are $3/item, unless otherwise specified.


     Custom Color Multi-kit: $3 adder for entire kit (not $3 per cable. If you'd like each cable in a multi-kit to be a different color, the adder is $7)

     Y-Split Cable with 3 different colors for each section: $9 adder

Custom Terminations:

$10 for most connector types

(This is if you'd prefer to terminate your cable to something specific rather than use our modular system) 


     HC-8 terminated to 2.5mm TRRS for portable balanced listening : $10 adder

Custom Lengths:

Prices aren't exact here, but we try to be as reasonable as possible without letting cost get out of hand. Price goes up more per foot the longer the cable.


     Request for 5 ft headphone cable (our headphone cables come standard at 4.5 ft) : $2 adder

    Request for 10 ft headphone cable - $20-$30 adder depending on the cable design.

Some Pictures: