Custom Shop

 Thank you for visiting our custom shop! Common customizations (changing the color, length, etc) for a headphone cable can be added directly to your cart by visiting the product pages here

If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to checkout using our general custom order quote request form. Once you do so, someone will be in touch via email with a quote and to help you finalize your order.

It's very important to include an email address when you are checking out with any custom item! Failure to do so could result in your order being canceled and refunded. 


    Custom Colors: 

    Here are PDFs with the colors available for customization. 


    Custom Terminations:

    $10 for most connector types

    (This is if you'd prefer to terminate your cable to something specific rather than use our modular system) 


         HC-8 terminated to 2.5mm TRRS for portable balanced listening : $10 adder

    Custom Lengths:

    Prices aren't exact here, but we try to be as reasonable as possible without letting cost get out of hand. Price goes up more per foot the longer the cable.


         Request for 5 ft headphone cable (our headphone cables come standard at 4.5 ft) : $2 adder

        Request for 10 ft headphone cable - $20-$30 adder depending on the cable design.

    Some Pictures: