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Step 1. Choose a design from our Headphone Cables collection appropriate to your headphones. All of our headphone cables come terminated to a [F] 4-pin mini-xlr to pair with our interconnects. Don't see what you need? Not sure what you need? Shoot us an email from our custom shop page.


Step 2. Choose a design from our Interconnects collection appropriate to your source (the output of the device sending music to your headphones). Specify which of the four available lengths you'd like: 3", 1 ft, 3 ft, and 4 ft. All of our interconnects have a [M] 4-pin mini-XLR to pair with our headphone cables. 


Example One: I just got my hands on some sweet Fostex T60RP headphones. But I don't have a way to play them using the 2.5mm balanced output of my favorite digital audio player. I'm going to need a new cable for this, and since I'm getting a new cable, I'd like to add several feet in length over the stock Fostex cable I've been using. Following Step 1, it looks like I'll need the HC-2 headphone cable design. And following Step 2, I see that I'll want to pair the HC-2 with a 4 ft, IC-4 (2.5mm 4-pole TRRS Connector) interconnect. I add both to my cart and I'm all set!


Example Two: I want to use my Hifiman Sundaras at my desk using the 4-pin XLR balanced output of my amp, but I also want to use them to watch movies on my laptop. Following Step 1, it looks like I'll need the HC-9 headphone cable design. And following Step 2, I see that I'll want to pair it with the IC-3 (4-pin XLR) and IC-2 (3.5mm TRS) interconnects. I don't need any added length over the standard 4.5 feet for either of these uses, so I will choose the 3 inch version of both interconnects. 


 All Hart Audio cables (stock and custom) come with a 6 month warranty. If you experience an issue with one of our cables within this timeframe, we will repair or replace it for you. Please email us at customerservice@hartaudiocables.com to initiate this process. Note that this does not cover misuse, alterations, wear/tear, and is non-transferrable. 


We are able to accept returns on unused, non-custom items in their original packaging within 15 days of delivery. The customer is responsible for covering the shipping cost back to us and we are not able to accept returns on international orders.

We are not able to accept returns or exchanges after 15 days, however, we do offer a cable re-work service if your needs have changed. Email us at customerservice@hartaudiocables.com for more information or to initiate this process.

Except in rare cases, we are not able to accept returns on custom orders. 


 For domestic orders, we most often ship via USPS. We are able to ship internationally to most countries, and international customers will be able to select from the available shipping services / rates at checkout. Please note that your country may have additional customs and/or brokerage fees, which are not included in the shipping rate.