Custom NK Series Interconnect
Custom NK Series Interconnect
Custom NK Series Interconnect

Custom NK Series Interconnect

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Please include an email address when checking out for all custom orders. If an email is not provided, and we have a question about your request, this may result in your order being canceled and refunded.

Here you can customize any of our current interconnect options in our NK Series assembly style. Mix and match colors to go with your custom NK series IEM cables! Use the dropdown menu to select the interconnect type. Please include color choice in the form above. 


This cable is built in our NK Series assembly style. The only colors available for it are Red, Blue, Black or Clear jackets. You can specify any combination of those four colors.

Option Description
3 inch IC-1 1/4" TRS interconnect. Unbalanced.
3 inch IC-2 3.5mm TRS interconnect. Unbalanced.
3 inch IC-3 [M] 4-pin XLR interconnect. Balanced.
3 inch IC-4 2.5mm TRRS interconnect. Balanced.
3 inch IC-6 4.4mm TRRRS interconnect. Balanced.
IC-2-90 3 inch IC-2-90 3.5mm TRS interconnect. Unbalanced.
IC-4-90 3 inch IC-4-90 2.5mm TRRS interconnect. Balanced.
IC-6-90 3 inch IC-6-90 4.4mm TRRRS interconnect. Balanced.
IC-7 4 ft IC-7 Interconnect extension. Balanced.