About Us

   Thanks for visiting our shop! We here at Hart Audio Cables are very excited to share our products with you in the hopes that you find them as useful and satisfying to use as we do. Hart Audio Cables was started out of my house in Tyler, Texas out of a frustration I was having in trying to get a hold of some custom cables I wanted for my own home setup. What I was after was either way too expensive, not my style, or just had a lead time that was a real drag. I decided to just bite the bullet and make what I wanted myself. During that process I had a friend bring up the idea of sharing what I was doing and long story short, the HAC webstore went live in the fall of 2019 while I was still working in product development in another industry. Not really knowing at the time if other people would find what I was doing useful themselves, it’s been incredible to see the response we’ve gotten so far. HAC has become my full time gig, and our team has grown considerably in the time we’ve been open. Without getting too bogged down on the life story here… Hart Audio Cables has a few core things that make up the ethos of the brand:

High Quality / Reliability
Reasonable Prices
Speedy Lead times
A Humanity First Approach

     I know a fair few of you have tried our products or interacted with us in some way and I hope these things are reflected in the experience you’ve had. As a hobbyist, what we do here is what I personally want to see in the products I use with my own gear. A thoughtfulness in approach, tastefully done in the looks department, and priced where beginners or long time audiophiles can jump in without issue. Our goal is to make purchasing aftermarket headphone cables straightforward, fast and affordable by offering a modular cable system designed to make your headphone cable as versatile as possible. We hope you find what you’re looking for while browsing the site, and if you have any questions, feel free to email us at contact@hartaudiocables.com. Thanks again!

- James