Custom Braided Dual 2.5mm Balanced Headphone Cable
Custom Braided Dual 2.5mm Balanced Headphone Cable
Custom Braided Dual 2.5mm Balanced Headphone Cable
Custom Braided Dual 2.5mm Balanced Headphone Cable
Custom Braided Dual 2.5mm Balanced Headphone Cable

Custom Braided Dual 2.5mm Balanced Headphone Cable

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Please include a good email address when checking out for all custom orders. If an email is not provided, and we have a question about your request, this may result in your order being canceled and refunded.

This is a customizable, braided version of our HC-7 headphone cable. This cable features dual 2.5mm connectors going to the headphones, making it compatible with headphone models from Sivga, Sendy, Abyss, some older hIfiman and more. Use the dropdowns to choose length and termination options for this cable, and sepcify your custom color choices in the text box above.

 NOTE: We CAN make a version of this cable for the EMU Teaks, HD700s, 1more triple drivers and more. Just be sure to mention the name of your headphone in the text box above and we'll make sure it's built accordingly.


You can choose up to four colors from this catalog (please note the more limited selection than our normal color catalog). Please keep in mind that the cable lengths are continuous, so whatever colors you spec in the "left" and "right" sections will also be present in the "main" section of the cable.

If you're having trouble deciding on what colors you may want for your cable, take a look at our custom gallery for some inspo.


If you'd like to utilize our modular system, select "[F] 4-pin mini-XLR" in the Termination dropdown menu above, and use the links below to order a matching interconnect or multi-kit with your cable.

Braided Custom Interconnects

Braided Custom Multi-kits

 Connector Description
[F] 4-pin mini-XLR (Standard / Modular) Standard HAC modular connector. Build a matching interconnect at this listing.
1/4" TRS Common 1/4" (6.35mm) stereo connector
3.5mm TRS Common 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo connector
Threaded 3.5mm 3.5mm stereo connector, threaded to accept a 1/4" Screw-on adapter.
[M] 4-pin XLR Full size 4-pin XLR, common on balanced headphone amps.
2.5mm TRRS 2.5mm phone connector, common for balanced outputs of portable DAPs etc.
4.4mm TRRRS
The increasingly popular "pentaconn" 4.4mm connector.
90° 3.5mm TRS Right angle 3.5mm connector
90° 2.5mm TRRS Right angle 2.5mm connector
Check out our other options for this cable

The table below lays out the various versions of this cable that we offer.

Model Description
Our standard, modular version of this cable. 
HC-7-Split A short, 18" Split Only variant of the HC-7.
A non-modular version of the HC-7 cable. Part of our Replacement Line. You can choose which connector you'd like the headphone cable terminated to.
A customizable version of the HC-7. Select length, termination & color(s).
A customizable braided version of the HC-7. Select length, termination & color(s).

Please keep in mind that this cable is built through our in house custom shop, which has a longer lead time compared to our stock modular cables. Custom orders generally take 1-2 weeks to ship.