PC Line Interconnect
PC Line Interconnect
PC Line Interconnect

PC Line Interconnect

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Please allow a 1 week lead time on these at the moment. Very soon they will be down to our normal 1-3 day lead time. - James

This listing is to provide a way to grab additional or specific interconnects that match our stock PC line cables. Use the dropdowns above to select which interconnect you're after. I'll be adding more pictures to the listing shortly.

All of these interconnects are in our base 3" length aside from the "IC-7" choice, which comes in a 4 ft length. The choices are detailed below:

Option Description
3 inch IC-1 1/4" TRS interconnect. Unbalanced.
3 inch IC-2 3.5mm TRS interconnect. Unbalanced.
3 inch IC-3 [M] 4-pin XLR interconnect. Balanced.
3 inch IC-4 2.5mm TRRS interconnect. Balanced.
3 inch IC-6 4.4mm TRRRS interconnect. Balanced.
IC-2-90 3 inch IC-2-90 3.5mm TRS interconnect. Unbalanced.
IC-4-90 3 inch IC-4-90 2.5mm TRRS interconnect. Balanced.
IC-6-90 3 inch IC-6-90 4.4mm TRRRS interconnect. Balanced.
IC-7 4 ft IC-7 Interconnect extension. Balanced.
MK-P Portable Multi-kit. This includes a snap-on 1/4" adapter with IC-2, IC-3, IC-4 and IC-6 interconnects.
MK-P-90 90° Portable Multi-kit. This version of the kit includes IC-2-90, IC-3, IC-4-90 and IC-6-90 interconnects.