B Stock Standard Style Headphone Cable

B Stock Standard Style Headphone Cable

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This is a "B stock" standard style headphone cable. This means the cable is fully functional, but has some sort of cosmetic issue that keeps it from passing our QA testing.

All of these cables have a female 4-pin mini XLR to pair with one of our modular interconnects. Use the dropdown to select which headphone connectors you'd like. These cables are assembled in our "standard" style. Headphone cables are 4.5 feet with an 18 inch split, IEM cables are 4 feet with a 12 inch split. 

Feel free to visit the individual headphone cable pages for more information on each cable type, compatibility info, etc. And of course, email us with any questions! 

Note: you are not able to request a specific color with our B stock cables. They may be red, touch of gray, our light or dark IEM color, or a wacky custom color.