Sennheiser HD620s / HD560s info, Wiring, Replacement & Custom Cables

TL;DR Any of our cables from this product collection (HC-6-Bs) are fully compatible with the Sennheiser HD620s & HD560s headphones!

Sennheiser's HD620s / HD560s is a single entry headphone, taking a 2.5mm TRRS (TRS will work too) connector in the left earcup.

Note: The info on this page applies to all of Sennheiser's headphones that share the HD560s / HD620s build style. Including the HD599, HD598, HD559 etc.


The headphone uses a 4 pole, locking 2.5mm (TRRS) connector, utilizing the pinout pictured below:


This seems to be the subject of much confusion based on the emails we get, but these headphones from Sennheiser CAN be ran balanced. Whether you need to run them balanced or not is another discussion.

What cables should I get?

As far as our products at Hart Audio go, you can use any of our "HC-6-B" cable models with these headphones. Just choose the appropriate interconnects or terminations for the source / output connections you'll be plugging into. Below are links / descriptions for the various versions of this cable that we offer:

Stock cables (1-2 business day lead time)

HC-6-B | This is our standard 4.5 ft, modular locking 2.5mm TRRS cable for the HD620s / HD560s style headphones. This cable utilizes our modular system, so it will need to be paired with an interconnect using the dropdown at the link, or by shopping in our interconnects collection or Multi-kit Collection.

RPL-HC-6-B | This is a standard, 4.5 ft cable for use with the HD620s / HD560s style headphones. You can choose from a 3.5mm, full size 4-pin XLR, or 4.4mm termination for the cable at this listing.

Customizable options (1-2 week lead time)

Custom HC-6-B | This cable is a customizable version of the HC-6-B. You can select length, termination and color for the cable.

Custom Twisted Braid HC-6-B | This cable is a customizable, Twisted braid version of the HC-6-B. You can modify length, termination and color(s) for the cable.