Custom Color Dual [F] 4-pin mini-XLR for Audeze / ZMF + More

Custom Color Dual [F] 4-pin mini-XLR for Audeze / ZMF + More

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This is a custom colored version of our HC-10 cable in Yellow. This cable is compatible with Audeze / ZMF / Meze Empyrean and more.  Cable is 8 ft in length and is terminated to a 4.4mm TRRRS "Pentaconn" connector. Balanced.


If you'd like to customize your own cable like this, check out the listings below:

CST-HC-10 A customizable version of the HC-10
CST-TWBRA-HC-10 A customizable twisted braid version of the HC-10
CST-95BRA-HC-10 A customizable braided version of the HC-10 
CST-CHBRA-HC-10 A customizable thick braided version of the HC-10


Below is a table of our standard versions (Less pricey, shorter lead time) of this cable:

Model Description
HC-10 Our standard, modular version of the HC-10 Dual [F] 4-pin mini-xlr headphone cable.
RPL-HC-10 A non-modular version of the HC-10 cable. Part of our Replacement Line. You can choose which connector you'd like the headphone cable terminated to.